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Weedsu | SAF Application

Post by Weedsu on Thu Jul 09, 2015 5:26 pm

What is your In-Game Name: Weedsu

Why Do you Wish to join SAF:  I would like to join SAF because i saw your plays on this server many times, i'm think we can do really nice combo Very Happy, u all had good skills, anyway i was playing with Krepst but i'm think he pissed of after losing all stuff on base all the time ;d, thats why too i search new team, im sure we can own easy this server and many enemies who will not be a problem for us Smile

How long have you played dayZ ?: Over 2 years.

Will you be friendly to other memebers(Y/N): Y

Do You agree to the Rules Listed Below(Y/N): Y

Geetings guys and I'm waiting for an answer: D


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Re: Weedsu | SAF Application

Post by oL|ADM-Jake on Thu Jul 09, 2015 5:29 pm



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